From Bologna
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The city of Bologna

Here is Bologna with its flavours, traditions and passion for food.

Università di Bologna

Bologna is an old university town (the University of Bologna is considered as the oldest one in the Western world) that has always hosted many students that have enriched its cultural and social life. It is also famous for its towers and its long arcades. Its old town is among the largest of Italy.

Bologna Città della musica UNESCO

In 2000 Bologna was European Capital of Culture and in 2006 UNESCO designated it as "Creative city of the music", for the first time in Italy (it was the second one in Europe after Sevilla).

Zecchino d'oro

In 2008 the "Zecchino d'Oro" (a competition for children that sing accompanied by a choir) of the Antoniano church of Bologna has become "Heritage for a culture of peace" by Unesco: it is the first TV programme in the world to receive such a recognition.

The international fame of Bolognese cuisine dates back to the Middle Ages where there were many powerful noble families: in their houses worked the most celebrated chefs. The Bolognese food is also strictly linked to University: the presence of many students and teachers of different nationalities enriched the food culture and it was needed a good organization of food supplies too.