From Bologna
to Nice with passion

Doctor Balanzone

Who is Doctor Balanzone? Doctor Balanzone is also known as Balanzone and he is a typical “maschera” from Bologna. He belongs to the group of the “Old ones” of the “commedia dell’arte”, he is sometimes called Graziano or simply the Doctor. He was born in Bologna where he also studied, he is the classic “serious” and conceited character who loves going into long speeches full of erudite quotes in Latin.

Università di Bologna

He is a ruddy-cheeked man, always dressed in black with a big bally; he usually gesticulates a lot and his actions are authoritative and eloquent. He brings a small mask that covers only the eyebrows and the nose, leaning on two big moustache. He wears the uniform of the professors of the University of Bologna: black robe, white collar and cuffs, a large hat, blouse and a mantle.

He is fussy, quirky and generous and he gives unnecessary and inappropriate lessons when he is asked for an advice. In fact he is always ready to find the slightest excuse to start one of his infinte monologues that don’t make any sense. He is always ready to boast about his titles, saying that he knows everything about every field of human knowledge: law, medicine, astrology, philosophy.

The other masks have high regard for him and they often asks for a medical opinion: he never denies his help, taking the opportunity to do the thing he likes best, that is to say, speaking.