From Bologna
to Nice with passion

Italian restaurant
Il Bolognese

Bolognese food

The traditional
Italian dishes

La spianata bolognese

The city of Bologna


Bolognese food

In our restaurant you will have the possibility to eat traditional bolognese dishes like tortellini ou lasagne. "Il Bolognese" represents the Bolognese food in Nice.

The traditional Italian dishes

In our dishes and in our ingredients you willl find all the taste of the traditional Italian food.

The most delicious desserts

Mascarpone, zuppa inglese, mille foglie, chocolate cake... come and taste our desserts.

La Spianata Bolognese

Cooked in wood in its simplicity it is a bolognese specialty, it is tasty and nourishing. It comes directly from the old habits of the bolognese peasants, it can be stuffed with ham, cheese, vegetables and sweet ingredients.

Who is Doctor Balanzone?

Doctor Balanzone is also known as Balanzone and he is a typical “maschera” from Bologna. He belongs to the group of the “Old ones” of the “commedia dell’arte”, he is sometimes called Graziano or simply the Doctor.

From Nice to the two Towers of Bologna

Bologna is the city of the fine food. If you want to taste our cuisine you have to know the city in which it was born. In this way tortellini will have another taste...