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La spianata bolognese

For an informal lunch or dinner you cannot miss our Spianata, a traditional "focaccia" with succulent fillings (ham, cheese, vegetables, ecc.).

Spianata bolognese

Spianata bolognese

Cooked in wood in its simplicity it is a bolognese specialty that comes directly from the old habits of the bolognese peasants, but in time it has been able to express the soul of the city of Bologna.

In fact it is simple (with flour, water,yeast, salt and a bit of lard) and tasty at the same time. It is traditional as well as innovative (a slice of ham, grillled vegetables and cheese find new perspectives inside a Spianata).

It can also be a dessert with nutella inside.

It is not a pizza, it is not a "piadina", it is not a a hamburger, it is something new that you have to taste! Visit the website of the Spianata Bolognese!

Spianata bolognese site